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So what should you expect from Bootcamp Geelong? We offer a unique training experience utilizing the best locations across Geelong and the Surfcoast, the guidance and programing of the regions best and most experienced fitness professionals and the camaraderie and inclusiveness of a group training experience unlike anything you've ever done before. Your five-week intensive Bootcamp is scientifically designed to get the best possible result. Each camp begins with our world famous fitness test that not only tells you where you are at, but it also enables us to put you into a group with people at the same fitness level.

As we have such large numbers of campers, we can then split the groups, assign them a trainer and make absolutely certain that you will be pushed as far as you can be pushed without exceeding where you are physically and mentally. Depending on the numbers in the camp you can expect to be put into a group of about 15 to 20 people (as mentioned before all around the same fitness level as you).

In our experience you will be motivated, pushed, inspired and helped by the other members in your group and as always you will be guided by Geelongs best and most experienced personal trainers. The camp runs 5 weeks long, with 3 sessions a week. Tuesday mornings at 6am, Thursday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 7am. We also offer a Thursday 6am make up session if you cant make one of the other sessions.

A new itinerary is set before each camp and is available under the Itinerary tab in the menu, facebook page and instagram page. You will also receive a copy of the itinerary if you sign up for the camp. On your first camp you will receive your free Bootcamp Geelong singlet.